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Surviving Your Flight

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You've decided on your destination, booked your flight, purchased your bag and packed and unpacked 12 times in order for everything to fit. And it's here. It's finally here. Departure day! The most exciting day of.. well, ever.

Unless you're travelling within your own continent, you've got a long flight ahead of you. Even flights as short as 4-5 hours can still go by painfully slow. Here are some tips to help you survive your flight, and some carry on items you should have to help you do this!

  1. Bring Snacks:​ Yes, this is allowed. You can buy snacks at the airport, but if you're travelling on a budget like myself you can save some cash and bring your own from home. Besides, it might be last taste of normal for a while! Bring foods that are odour free, won't rot, will FILL you, and won't take up a ton of space in your carry on (or in my case, my only bag). Let's face it, plane food sucks. Bring snacks that you enjoy and that will keep your tummy happy until you can get a real meal. Examples include: almonds, carrots and cucumbers, crackers (with peanut butter is best, but be careful and ask fellow passengers about allergies before unveiling these), and of course chocolate. 
  2. Toiletries: Make sure you have access to them. There is nothing worse than sitting on a flight for 12 hours without being able to brush your teeth, your hair, or wash your face. I recommend bringing baby wipes/make-up removing wipes (yes, even for you boys) to wash your face, your neck, your feet, or whatever floats your boat. Get a nice clean feeling before settling back into your seat.
  3. Dress Comfortably and in Layers: I have always admired/ been very confused about people who dress in their nicest clothes for a 12 hour flight. I mean good for you for cleaning up but..why? I need to be able to hug my knees up into the fetal position to sleep on a flight (lucky for me, I am 5'1 so plane sleeping, while still uncomfortable is not impossible), so I'm always rocking yoga pants, a lose fitting t-shirt and a sports bra. Some people forget that being thousands of metres in the air means the air is thin and COLD. Airlines will provide blankets, but I find it's never enough. Bring a sweater, flannel, or blanket scarf to keep you extra warm while you try to sleep. If you don't end up using it as a blanket, at least you've got an extra pillow. Which brings me to my next point...
  4. SLEEP: Do your best to sleep for as long as you can, whether you're taking off or coming home. Not only will it help pass the time, but it will help with the jet lag when you arrive in said country. Take a sleeping pill, have some wine (overpriced, but helpful), put on some music that helps calm your mind and try to get cozy. 
  5. Bring a Book And Headphones: In case you can't sleep, make sure you have something else to entertain yourself. Bring headphones for music and inflight movies (and to drown out that crying baby. It never fails, there's always one), and a book to help pass the time. 
  6. Have a Pen Handy: You will most likely be handed a customs card at the beginning or partway through the flight. Have a pen ready to fill it out so you don't have to worry about it right before descent when you're not allowed to have your stupid tray down. 

No matter what, you're going to get off that plane feeling a little groggy, grubby and excited all at the same time. I hope these tips will help you to be able to focus on the excited part. After all, there is no better day than departure day!

Caylie Smith

Not Your Average

"Whatever is good for your soul, do that"

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