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Booking flights can be stressful, tedious and not to mention expensive. Looking for the cheapest day to depart on various booking websites can be overwhelming, especially when the prices have changed when you look the next day! It can be a long and annoying process, there's really no way around that. I've put together a list of some tidbits that came in quite handy when I was booking my flight to Thailand. Hopefully they help make your process a little more bearable:

1) Use an "incognito" window or tab while searching for flights. You can create this on your Chrome browser by clicking "File --> New Incognito Window" or by clicking on the wrench/icon with three lines and click "New Incognito Window". This will allow your internet searches to be private, which will prevent the tracking of cookies. If you use an open search, not only will you begin seeing ads for travel booking companies and similar sites, but you will actually see the price of flights INCREASE.

2) Use Skyscanner to compare prices on flights. Enter your departure date and click "by month". This allows you to see prices for each day of the month to help you choose the cheapest day to fly out! If you're booking a round trip, simply click "round trip" and it will show you departure prices first and return dates second. I have also found cheap flights on FlightHub, which is also quite easy to navigate.

Note: I booked my first flights with FlightHub and then decided I wanted to change my return date. FlightHub charges a $150 fee + the difference of airfare to change the flight. When I went to do this, the price would have been $3000 to change (a bit steep for a girl on a budget!). I ended up cancelling and rebooking my entire itinerary for a cost of $300 + my new airfare. Which brings me to my next point:

3) Decide on your departure date and stick with it!: Obviously things come up in life which may cause you to have to change your flights last minute, but if you can, try to avoid it at all costs. If you are unsure of when you'd like to return, it will most likely be cheaper to book a one way flight and book a return flight when you're ready to come home (if you ever are)!

4) Plan Ahead: There is no set day of the week or amount of time before your departure date that will be the cheapest to book. However, the best time frame is between 3 months to 3 weeks in advance. Some sites won't even show you prices further than 3 months in advance, and after 3 weeks prices will generally increase. Book in advance so you can feel confident about the best price!

An extra tip for while you're overseas:

Some countries will require proof of a return flight before entrance. Fly Onward allows you buy a dummy ticket for $9.99 to show airport officials and make entrance a lot easier. Most travel agents will also provide you with a dummy ticket if you just ask!

These tips are from my own personal experience. If you have any other questions, or just want to chat feel free to send me an email at caylie.smith@hotmail.ca. For more tips on booking flights check out Thrifty Nomads! Safe and fun travels!

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