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    travel stories, tips, tools, and ideas

    2016年10月14日 · introduction
    I came up with the idea for Not Your Average about a year ago when my life completely changed...
    2018年3月10日 · Photo Journal
    I spent the day having breakfast with my dad, going to yoga, and doing something I haven't done...
    2018年2月22日 · Tips and Tools · 3
    We live in a time where it's not only possible to avoid one use plastic, but necessary. Straws...
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  • who am I?

    Caylie Smith

    For starters, you could say I'm a travel enthusiast with an above average elephant obsession. I came up with the idea for Not Your Average about 2 years ago during a time of major change in my life. It is now a personal outlet and hopefully helpful blog focussed on travel: experiences, tips, and more. While I may not be the same person I was a year ago, I still maintain the frame of mind that inspired this blog: everyone has a story, everyone has a purpose; something unique and beautiful to give to this world. And for this reason, no moment, no day, and no person is "average". My mantra remains "whatever is good for your soul, do that". I've found that travel, along with all the experiences and challenges it brings is the best way to nourish my soul. How about you?

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